Can i take my puppy back to the breeder?

In certain circumstances and in accordance with the agreements established between the breeder and yourself, it is conceivable that you may reclaim your beloved canine companion. To navigate this delicate matter, it is advisable to engage in direct communication with the breeder, wherein a mutually beneficial resolution may be discovered.

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Under specific conditions and in adherence to the agreed-upon terms between the breeder and yourself, the possibility exists for the retrieval of your cherished canine companion. To successfully navigate this intricate situation, it is recommended to initiate direct dialogue with the breeder, wherein a mutually advantageous resolution may be uncovered.

When considering whether to take your puppy back to the breeder, it is important to evaluate the specific circumstances and arrangements made between you and the breeder. Here are some additional details to consider:

  1. Contractual agreements: Most responsible breeders have written contracts that outline the terms and conditions of the purchase or adoption. These contracts may address situations where you need to return the puppy. Review the contract carefully to understand the stipulations regarding returns.

  2. Health guarantees: Breeders often provide health guarantees for a certain period after the purchase. If your puppy develops a serious health issue within that timeframe, returning the puppy to the breeder may be possible for a replacement or refund as per the agreement.

  3. Breeder’s policy: Some breeders have a compassionate policy where they are willing to take back a puppy if the owner is unable to care for it. This may be due to unexpected circumstances such as allergies, financial difficulties, or changes in living arrangements. Discuss your situation with the breeder and see if they can accommodate your needs.

  4. Time frame: Acting promptly is crucial if you are considering returning the puppy. The sooner you communicate with the breeder, the better chances you have of reaching an agreement. Delaying the conversation may limit your options or complicate the process.

  5. Quote: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker. While this quote may not directly relate to returning a puppy to the breeder, it emphasizes the importance of proactive communication and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

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Overall, the decision to take your puppy back to the breeder is highly dependent on the individual circumstances, contractual agreements, and the breeder’s policies. Open and honest communication with the breeder is essential to discuss your situation and explore potential solutions.


Factors to Consider when Returning a Puppy to the Breeder
Review the contractual agreements
Evaluate the health guarantee
Check the breeder’s policy
Act promptly
Communicate openly with the breeder

Note: This table is for illustrative purposes and can be further expanded with more details or specific recommendations based on the topic.

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The speaker in the video discusses the question of whether to breed back to back or skip heats for female dogs. They share their own experience and advice from reproductive vets, ultimately advocating for breeding every heat unless there are complications. They argue that breeding can be beneficial for the dog’s health and only breed a female a maximum of four times. They believe breeding back to back allows the dog to be bred while still relatively young and promotes longevity and overall health. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of breeding at the right age and readiness and suggests that pet homes are often the best homes for dogs.

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Many people wonder if breeders will take back their puppies. The answer in many cases is yes. A responsible breeder will always bring their puppy back and make sure they always have a loving home.

Puppies need to be trained – it is that simple. Get it trained or do it and yourself a favor and give it back to the breeder. The foregoing is for general information purposes and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Those seeking such a relationship are directed to the contact form on my website.

The answer is yes–a reputable breeder should always be prepared to take their puppies back at any time, so your dog will always have a safe place to live.

I personally don’t think you would be wrong to return your puppy to the breeder if they would take the pup back, especially since this is your first time owning a dog (they are extremely rewarding but also a lot of work, especially when they are younger).

most breeders take the pup back and give them money back when pup is sold on,minus any food,vet etc costs

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How long do you have to wait to return a puppy?
In reply to that: If you are seriously considering finding a new home for your puppy, my advice is to give it another week or two before you decide. There certainly are cases where it would be best if the puppy found a more appropriate home.
Is it normal to want to return a puppy?
It’s not unusual to feel annoyance, frustration, even regret after getting a new puppy. It’s okay to think about whether your puppy is a good fit for your household, or if you may actually need to return or rehome them. The truth is, you’re probably not going to love your new puppy right away.
What happens if you break a contract with a dog breeder?
Response: Failure to follow the terms of a contract might result in a material breach. If there is a material breach of contract, the seller of the animal might seek to rescind or revoke the contract. There could also be questions of notice of breach and opportunity to cure.
What if I made a mistake getting a puppy?
Response to this: taking the puppy to a shelter or rescue group. So, if you’re sure you’ve made a mistake, the first step is to contact the breeder, rescue or shelter where you originally got the puppy and talk to them about your options. Just know that in almost all cases, there will not be a refund.
Can a breeder take a dog back?
Response: The answer is yes–a reputable breeder should always be prepared to take their puppies back at any time, so your dog will always have a safe place to live. Will A Breeder Take A Dog Back? Unfortunately, it’s more common than you might think for owners to return their puppies to the breeder.
Should I tell the breeder that my puppy is not working?
Response: You’ll be able to get your life back, and the breeder can find a home where your puppy will be welcomed enthusiastically not just tolerated. It’s o.k. to acknowledge these feelings and move forward. I also believe that it is probably time to tell the breeder that it is not working for you. You will not be the first person to do this.
When should you return a puppy?
The response is: When you should return your puppy is definitely dependent on circumstances. If you have “puppy blues” due to a temporary situation, it’s worth giving it some time. But if an urgent obstacle has come up, it’s best to return a puppy sooner rather than later. It’s recommended that you use the “3-3-3” rule.
What if my puppy is rehomed?
This is why it’s important to check your breeder contract for a “Return-to-Breeder Clause” and familiarize yourself with it. If your puppy is rehomed for any reason (even if, years down the line, he or she transfers to another family member’s loving home) it’s important to notify your breeder.
Will a breeder take my puppy back?
Response to this: Unfortunately, some owners find themselves in a situation where they need to rehome their dog. Many wonder if breeders will take their puppies back. The answer is yes. A responsible breeder will always take their puppies back and ensure they have a loving home at all times. Check your breeder contract for more details.
Can a dog be returned after a puppy is sold?
As an answer to this: But as there are some vulnerable breeds, the owner should be aware that these problems may occur even after the puppy is sold. Ultimately, an open conversation is required between the breeder and owner. A return of a puppy should occur if the fault is on the breeder’s behalf. If the dog doesn’t suit the home
Why did the family decide to return a dog to a breeder?
The response is: The family decided to return the pup to the breeder. They were not up for the long-term treatment and challenges of working with an aggressive dog. There was a time when I might have judged them, but not anymore. What I have learned over my lifetime is that as soon as you judge someone, you will be faced with the same decision they were.
What if my puppy is rehomed?
Answer will be: This is why it’s important to check your breeder contract for a “Return-to-Breeder Clause” and familiarize yourself with it. If your puppy is rehomed for any reason (even if, years down the line, he or she transfers to another family member’s loving home) it’s important to notify your breeder.

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