General problems: why do basset hounds whine so much?

Renowned for their propensity to vocalize, basset hounds possess an innate inclination to convey their wants and sentiments through whining. Furthermore, their olfactory acuity and primal hunting instincts render them susceptible to emitting melodious whimpers when consumed by exhilaration or driven by an irresistible scent.

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The basset hound, with its notable proclivity for frequent whining, exhibits this behavior for various underlying causes. Primarily, basset hounds possess an inherent predisposition to vocalize, employing whining as a mechanism to convey their desires and emotions. Their distinctive mode of self-expression manifests in harmonious whimpers, occasionally misinterpreted as an overabundance of whining. This distinctive attribute has been cultivated within the breed across successive generations.

Furthermore, the basset hound’s extraordinary olfactory prowess and innate hunting instincts lend themselves to their proclivity for emitting plaintive sounds. Bassets exhibit a remarkable olfactory acumen, surpassing that of their canine counterparts. With an astonishing 220 million scent receptors at their disposal, bassets far exceed the meager 5 million possessed by humans. It is this heightened olfactory perception that frequently engulfs them in a state of exhilaration or compels them to pursue an irresistible scent, thus eliciting their characteristic whines and howls.

To further understand this behavior, let’s delve into some interesting facts about basset hounds:

  1. Basset hounds were originally bred for hunting small game, particularly rabbits. Their exceptional sense of smell and short stature allowed them to track scents close to the ground effectively.

  2. These dogs have long, droopy ears that serve a purpose beyond their adorable appearance. The lengthy ears help to sweep scents up toward their noses, aiding in their tracking abilities.

  3. Bassets are renowned for their stubbornness. This trait, combined with their vocal nature, can result in a prolonged whining session when they desire something or when they are not getting their way.

  4. Despite their somewhat melancholic expression, basset hounds are generally friendly and sociable dogs. They enjoy being part of a family and can develop strong bonds with their owners.

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To provide a quote on the topic, Henry Wheeler Shaw, commonly known as Josh Billings, humorously commented on the basset hound’s vocal nature, saying, “A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”


Reasons why basset hounds whine:

  1. Innate inclination to vocalize and communicate wants and sentiments
  2. Exceptional olfactory acuity and primal hunting instincts
  3. Heightened sense of smell with around 220 million scent receptors
  4. Consumption by exhilaration or driven by irresistible scents

Remember, understanding a basset hound’s propensity to whine requires considering their natural instincts and breed characteristics, appreciating their unique vocalization as a form of communication.

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In this YouTube video titled “10 Things Only Basset Hound Dog Owners Understand,” the presenter discusses various aspects of owning a Basset Hound. The video highlights several key points that only Basset Hound owners would truly comprehend. These include the dog’s friendly and social nature, the importance of regular exercise to prevent weight gain, the need for careful training due to their independent nature, and the potential health issues they may face, such as glaucoma and bloat. The video also mentions the challenges of grooming, particularly the need to clean their floppy ears regularly. Furthermore, Basset Hound owners understand the limitations of their short legs, as the breed is not well-suited for swimming. Lastly, while Basset Hounds are generally good with children, supervision is necessary to ensure safety. The video emphasizes the importance of providing proper care, diet, exercise, love, and attention to ensure the well-being of these wonderful dogs.

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The big whines usually means he is hungry, thirsty, tired or generally wants attention (much like a child or infant) or needs something. The only time he isn’t whining in some way, shape, or form is when he is otherwise occupied with a toy, treat or bone. So you’re not alone in the whiny basset situation!!

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Similarly one may ask, Why is my Basset Hound so vocal?
Response: Basset Hound Personality and Temperament
They can be stubborn but are generally food-motivated due to their keen sense of smell, which helps with training. Basset Hounds bark quite a lot. They have a very loud, baying-like bark, and they use it when they are excited or frustrated.

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Do basset Hounds have anxiety?
Basset Hounds
Basset Hounds are scent dogs that were bred for hunting rodents. They are social dogs that can develop separation anxiety. They are incredibly loyal and devoted to their owners, so separation anxiety and depression can develop in them if they are not given proper time and attention.

One may also ask, Do basset Hounds howl a lot?
As an answer to this: Just like other hound breeds, Bassets are known to be vocal. They can let out a frequent howl or baying bark that can be heard from many houses away. They are also known to bark if they are left alone for too long—keep this in mind if you have neighbors.

How do I keep my Basset Hound quiet?
Teach Your Basset Hound the “Quiet” Command:
When your dog starts barking in response to a trigger, calmly say “quiet” and wait for them to stop. As soon as they are silent, immediately praise and reward them. Repeat this process consistently until your dog associates the command with the desired behavior.

Why is my basset hound whining?
In reply to that: Whatever the reason for your Basset Hound whining the best thing you can do is make sure that your dog knows you are in charge! That doesn’t mean yell at your dog or be mean, but be firm and consistent in the ways that you respond, let them know that you expect them to be well behaved and they will.

Accordingly, Why do Basset Hounds Cry?
Answer: Basset Hounds whine or cry when they are trying to get your attention or communicate something to you such as hunger, excitement, pain, separation anxiety or they want to play. Their whining may also indicate something is wrong. Their crying may be reinforced by your constant attention.

Hereof, Why do Basset Hounds smell bad?
Answer will be: The Basset hounds were originally bred for hunting. Their coat of hair is considered waterproof because of their hunting job. This alone is the root of why basset hounds smell bad. If you add that basset hounds can develop body odor if they have any health issues, it is a recipe for one stinky dog.

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Additionally, What health problems do Basset Hounds have? Chronic health problems. Because of deformed build, long ears with narrow ear canals, and loose folds of skin, Basset Hounds suffer more than their share of bone and joint problems, ear problems, and skin diseases. See Basset Hound Health.

Also, Why is my basset hound whining?
Response to this: Whatever the reason for your Basset Hound whining the best thing you can do is make sure that your dog knows you are in charge! That doesn’t mean yell at your dog or be mean, but be firm and consistent in the ways that you respond, let them know that you expect them to be well behaved and they will.

Why do Basset Hounds Howl?
Answer: Basset Hounds are a pack hunting dog. Howling is how dogs communicate and call to each. It is often used as a way to let other dogs know of their location. In modern life, the hard wired in behavior still exists. However, they don’t do it just to call out to other dogs. They are trying to communicate something to you.

One may also ask, Why do dogs whine?
Response to this: For example, herding dogs like border collies and Australian shepherds often whine to communicate with their owners. Hounds, like beagles and basset hounds, may whine when they’re hunting or tracking prey. Toy breeds, like Yorkshire terriers and Chihuahuas, sometimes whine out of excitement or frustration.

Furthermore, Is a basset hound a bad dog?
As a response to this: Basset Hounds can be quite a vocal dog. They bark and howl and often can be whiny. For how to stop a Basset Hound whining see here. The range of sounds a Basset Hound makes can be very amusing. However, it can get to the point of being a nuisance and a bad habit.

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